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I/We refer to my/our account(s) maintained with JF APEX SECURITIES BERHAD and wish to request for my contract notes and monthly statement of accounts to be delivered to me/us electronically.


In consideration of you agreeing to my request for the issuance and delivery of electronic contract notes/statements, I/we hereby accept and assume the risks associated with electronic or online devices, including delays or failure in the transmission due to breakdown or failure of transmission or traffic congestion of communications or any other cause(s) beyond your control or anticipation and/or inherent risks in receiving electronic contract notes/statements. I/We understand the risks involved in communication over the Internet and I/We shall not dispute or challenge the validity, enforceability or admissibility of such record and the contents therein. In the event of systems failure, I/We consent to receive the contract notes/statements via post.

I/We also agree this instruction shall be effective until revoked by me/us by giving to you 5 business days prior written notice. I/We also understand that you may cancel this service without providing any reason and/or prior notice to me/us.

I/We acknowledge that any contract notes/statements sent to me/us, whether electronically or by post, if sent to my/our address as given to you in writing shall be deemed to be duly served two (2) business days after it is posted and/or if sent electronically, on the day such communications was made.

I/We shall assume all responsibility or liability whatsoever for any direct or consequential loss arising from or in connection with you acceding to my/our above request. I further agree to indemnify you and hold you harmless from and against all actions, proceedings, claims, demands, losses, damages, costs, penalties, fines, charges and expenses which you may sustain, incur and be liable to in consequence of or attributable to or arising from the above request.

Note : If you do not agree to the above, please write-in officially to us within 5 business days. Otherwise, it will be taken that you have agreed to the above request.